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Les mâles / Studs

Sun Savana Bao-Ming


Sun Savana Bao-Ming is the 1st bengal I have had the pleasure to acquire.
I am proud to have this stunning boy with his incredible type.Bao

Bao has an excellent genetics, with a mom F4, snow linx and a dad brown rosetted tabby: so he is F5 and have a wild look comparable to bengalensis.
He has an excellent physical and facial type, with a typical very straight profile from the "claw" Sun Savana.
A coat extremely soft and completely covered in glitter.

Bao is born in France of Canadian parents: Canadian and American genetics.

His parents are:

His mother Abundadots Opal (F4) ____ & ____ His father Abundadots Mohan
Opal _________ Mohan
(Crédit photo Sun Savana)

Je remercie Patrik, pour ce fabuleux garçon, qui est extraordinairement intelligent.

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Massai bengal Bengal Cattery, Bourgogne - France

Ch. Bali-bengal Billy the Kid


Bali-bengal Billy the Kid (21,96% ALC) have the "panthere" look!

Billy is exceptional, for his full of quality and his huge beauty.Billy He offers to my breeding a magnificent coat with stunning black outlined rosettes("donuts-rosette"), and a warm ground color which remind that of wildcats!!! He has an absolutely high contrast.
Small round ears, and very nice eyes!!
Billy has a great temperament, he is like a marshmallow. I am proud of my small Billy!
Billy's warm color highlights his glitter, marvellous!

Billy is french of American parents: American genetic.

His parents are:

_____His mother Gogees rangoon ____ & ____ His father Dreamland Bwana safari
Rangoon _______________ Bwana safari
(Crédit photo bali-bengal)

Photos gallery _________ Pedigree of Billy_________ Résultat d'exposition de Billy

Massai bengal Bengal Cattery, Bourgogne- France

Future boys are planned to complete the program.

No studs services // closed cattery.

incoming studs

Signé : Massaï-Bengal

My studs live in my apartment, I do not practise the policy of park them in isolated room.
I prefer having my studs near me and taking care of them at maximum.


Feel free to contact me for having more informations:
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