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Bengal Cattery, Massaï-Bengal.


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Bengal Cattery, Massaï-Bengal.

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Bengal Cattery, Massaï-Bengal.

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Bengal Cattery, Massaï-Bengal.

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I would give a special thanks for all people who helped me in my project.
Thank you MimiM for the picture of Billy (Cf. male pages). And all my friends for their support and their friendship.

Thank you Patrik T. for the transmission of his knowledge (all I know about bengal is from you), as well as all the breeders whom I was able to cross and who enriched me voluntarily or involuntarily..

A big thanks to the website "du zero" without whom this site would not exist, or quite at least under this shape there..

And, at last, I give a special thanks to my cats, which flood my life of enjoyment and happiness


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