Calla et Kimi Hello and Welcome
to Massaï-bengal

bonjour I am honored to welcome you on my web site dedicated to a very particular and incredibly fascinating feline race: Bengal.
I do this website to present you my bengals, hold you informed about the births and especially to share with you my passion.

bisou kimi-divine

At the beginning...
I discovered bengal by looking for a lovely pet. Since I have learned information about this race, always more, and he logically arose from it a passion.
I contacted reputable breeders for having the best bases on the subject and this is with the pioneer of the race in France I have the most learn. Bao
So I say a big thanks to my friend Patrik T., for having allowed me to acquire my first bengal: Sun Savana Bao-Ming, who illuminates my life of happiness. Bao is a real jewel, Billyand has an incredibly wild expression, and special pattern comparable to Bengalensis!!
When I see Billy the first time, what struck me at him it's the big beauty of his patterns, huge black outlined rosettes and this color so brilliant!

Divy I decided to participate in the evolution of Bengal (health, temperament, wild look, and very nice patterns), by breeding bengal in the respect of lines drawn by Jean Mill, and so splendidly immortalized by Gogees (referrer breeder according to me).
My 1st "daughter" is Divine Idylle, few months later arrived Calla.
I am delighted, they are extremely sweet, and wonderful with big rosettes!

I hope that with this website you will find many information to satisfy your curiosity; for more information, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail!

I wish you a very pleasant visit of my website and have fun.

Séverine, Massaï-Bengal.

Cattery registred
loof . LOOF (#16731) & TICA (#19443) TICA

Cattery tested : FIV-FelV : négatif, and coronavirus(blood test and PCR) : négatif.
tested HCM negative, the 25th june 2010 (Dr Vétérinaire N. Loriot, Belleville).

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