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Questionnaire to inquire a kitten
at Massai-bengal

Real passionate person for several years of the bengal, I acquired a good knowledge what allows me to select my bengals to obtain big cats with a wild expression, straight type, huge rosette, silky coat, and the most important lovely temperament.

My wish is to continue to improve and to protect this spectacular race.

The sale of a kitten has to be a thoughtful act. The family which adopt this kitten, must be able to take care of him and can give him a lot of love.
I wish that my kittens will have the most harmonious future.
To do it, I invite you to fill this form, to target your expectations and for know you a little more

Please send me your answers by mail

To obtain this form in the format "pdf" do not hesitate to send me an e-mail: : massaibengal@ymail.com

You can also make one copy / stick in an e-mail, and send it to me.
When you respond to this questionnaire, you can join the waiting list, we don't accept deposit before kittens are born.

Vos coordonnées

: :

Vos souhaits

Quel genre de bengal recherchez vous? / What type of Bengal are you looking for ?

Vos autres animaux

Avez-vous déjà des animaux? / Do you have others pets? Oui Non

Vous êtes vous déjà séparé d’un animal? / Have you ever given a pet away? oui Non

Avez-vous déjà retourné un animal chez son éleveur? / Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder? oui Non

Un peu plus sur vous...

Où pensez-vous qu’un chat doit vivre?/ Where should a cat live?

Avez-vous des enfants? / Do you have any children? oui Non
Si oui de quel âge :

Y a-t-il chez vous des personnes allergiques aux chats? / Does anyone in your house have allergies to cats?
oui Non

Le Bengal

Avez-vous déjà vu ou tenu un bengal ? / Have you ever seen a bengal? oui Non

Thank you for having take time to respond to this questionnaire.
A bientôt.

Massaï-Bengal, Bengal Cattery.

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