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Results of the feline show


During the show I enjoy speak with you about bengal.

Show of Billy (2007-2008)

Billy has win a lot of price!

Expo de Montargis (45): 27 mai 2007

Class Kitten 6-10 months.
For his first show, Billy was consacred "excellent kitten".
(Judge Mme Sylvie Comte)

Résultat: Best Variété et Best In Show.

Of very good results for his 1st feline show, especially for a kitten!!!

Expo de Cosne sur Loire (58): 16 septembre 2007

Judgment LOOF: Class adult male. Billy received the award of excellent 1st and one CAC.
(Judge Mme Claude Seignot)

Résultat: "Best Variety" & "Best In Show".

Judgment TICA: His first TICA feline show. Billy was compared to american bengal look!!

Résult: best of color and best of division on all ring.

Résult class all breed: final 5ème.

Expo de Semur en Auxois (21): 30 mars 2008

Big thank you for the judge, Mme Karine Ziliensky.

Excellent 1er et CAC.

Résult class mâle adult:

-le Best Variété,
-le Best In Show,
-ex-aequo au Best of Best.

Expo de Sancerre (18): 15 juin 2008

Last feline show for Billy, he recieved his 3rd CAC, and have the title of Champion!
Exc. 1er.
(Judge Mr. Guy Gringet)


Best Variété

Exposition de Bao (2007)


Exposition FIFE: Creusot (71)

Bao don't appreciate the show, he prefer stay at home, so he participated to only one show.

thank you to the judge Mr Coste.
_________________________________________________ (Ci-dessus le carton d'expo reçu)

Résult: class kitten 6-10 months:

"Excellent chaton"

Massaï-bengal, Elevage de Bengal.

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