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Updated 2016 june 26th

Kitten available

This page is reserved for the kittens born in the cattery "Massaï-Bengal", localised in France,
and for the upcoming litters.

Kittens are adopted with a contract. In case of doubt a single address to join me: : massaibengal@ymail.com
All kittens are registred LOOF, and identified by electronic microchip.
Inquire a kitten please click : "ici".

Kittens are individually evaluated (referer to standart LOOF) which are essential to according a price.

If you see a kitten which pleases you do not hesitate to contact me, for more information..

DOB: 16/06/2016

AVAILABLE Many kitten available. If you are interested in, send me an e-mail for photos and more informations.

Inquirie welcome.

2 kitten boy

Boy #1 : "Meruem"


Meruem means "the light in the univers".

beautifull rosettes,lot of contrast for this young kitten.
Great head.


Boy #2 : "Mufasa"


Mufasa means "King".

Big kitten with beautifull pattern and a lot of glitter. His color would be the same than his uncle "Ganjhaï".

More pictures and information by mail.


Some kitten older are stil available. For price and photos send an e-mail. Thanks.


Last breeding

Kanpur Babylee (F6)______ & ______ Summerside Divine Idylle

Photos of Babylee by Aline Defrance.

Repeat breeding: All the kitten are brown spotted tabby, with huge rosette!!

All kitten are sold

picture taken the day of birth.

Massaï-Bengal boy N°1 (Gaara)


Brown rosetted tabby.

This kitten have huge donuts rosettes, glitter and highly contrast.
Gorgous kitten.

This kitten is sold.

Massaï-Bengal boy N°2 (Ganjhaï)


This boy have already black rosetted markings! Wow stunning boy with glittered coat!

Great profil. A great contrast and a nice color.

This boy is sold.

You can contact me for more ample informations or for send deposit.
By e-mail massaibengal@ymail.com.

Massaï-Bengal, Bengal cattery.

Kittens will be sold at first like pet (kittens quality breeder/show will have a reduce price).
I choose for them the family with a lot of care, for guarantee them full of love, where they will have fun and enjoy with their new family.

Kitten Terms:

-Disponible / available : The kitten is available. Feel free to inquire.
-En évaluation / under evaluation : The kitten is under evaluation for a potential reservation, and may become available, so feel free to inquire if you are interested.
-Option / Pending : A deposit is expected, but the futur buyer can change mind and the kitten could become available.
-Vendu / Sold : Deposit is recieved. The kitten is sold.

Fuzzy stage

Bengal kitten have a period during their development call "fuzzy stage": It is about small bristly hairs on the surface of the fur. This phase is an inheritance of their wild ancestor, the bengalensis.
During the fuzzy training course, the beauty of the coat of the kitten is hidden by this sleeping bag, what depreciates it. Be patient to rediscover his beauty.

Example of evolution with Divine :15 days old to 6 months old (at 6 months old the color is not finish).

Indicate Price:

The reservation of a kitten is officializes by the payment of a deposit : 250 € for companion / 500 €€ for breeding.
Deposit is non-refundable. It is considered as the partial payment of the kitten chosen by the future buyer.
If the reserved kitten cannot be sold, the deposit will be transferred on a kitten with similar quality of another litter.

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