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Les femelles / Queens

Summerside Divine Idylle of Massaï-bengal


I present you Divine Idylle (20,63 % ALC), which is my first girl, I am so happy, she is so sweet.
She has huge outline rosette and a genetics so prestigious like, Divyhis grand-father, the stunning Katznjamr Pure Rapture!!
Divy is the perfect example of the kitten who take the best of her parents: she has the huge rosettes of her mother, the color of his father, on the same ground color as her mother!! WOW!!
She has wild expression, excellent type. Divy have a real potential for my program and will bring a lot I hope for the future generations to be born to Massai-bengal.

Divy is Canadian: Canadian and American genetic.

Her parents are:
Her mum Summerside Séduction ____ & ____ Her dad BlackGold Phoenix of Summerside
Séduction ______Phoenix
(Crédit photo Summerside's Cattery)

Thank you Wendy, for this marvellous girl, who is, stunning and have a very sweet temperament.

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Massaï bengal Elevage de bengal en Bourgogne

Anjali Legadema of Massaï-bengal

Legadema Legadema

This is Legadema, aka "Calla".
This amazing girl comes from Unites States. She has a fantastic genetic.
She is absolutly stunning, sweet temperament and love be handle.
Huge rosettes ("pancake"), chocolat color with hight contrast, small ears, and a great type.

Legadema means : "Light from the Sky,", in african langague.

Legadema is Américan: Américan genetic.

Her parents are:
Her mum Gogees Fleur de Lis of Anjali___ & ___ Her Dad Gogees Lucky Daze of Anjali
____Gogees Fleur de lis _____________________Gogees Lucky Daze
(Crédit photo Anjali's Cattery)

A big thanks to Dana, for this amazing queen, who is exeptionnal.

Photos Gallery of Legadema_________Pedigree of Legadema

Massaï bengal Bengal Cattery in Bourgogne

Retired for congenital defect

Praslin's Kamuniak


Kamuniak have a Cat Liver Disease, she is borned with this defect.

We have detect her ill when she was 5 months old. Kamuniak During 3 months, she has battle for life, I gave all my time for taking care of her.
Kimi needs lot of médical care for the rest of her life.

Unless she is ill and could never be breed, she is very kind, and I love her.

Photo gallery

Massaï bengal Elevage de bengal en Bourgogne

Futurs queens are waiting for complete the breeding programm.

Incoming girls

Signé: Massaï-Bengal

The Queens of my breeding is strictly selected to improve the race (temperament, huge pattern, color, type, wild look), and according to the existing qualities to my studs.

I promess to satisfy all requests for which I shall have expressed a favorable opinion to acquire a bengal from my cattery .

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