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Pedigree Loof :
Sun Savana Bao-Ming

Bengal F5, brown spotted tabby (with open rosette), green "émeraude" eyes.



With the large number of hybrid in the genetics of Bao; he offers an original genetics.
On 5 generations, we find one asian léopard cat and on 6 generations: 2 more (from his mother genetic)!! and 1 more from his father genetic!! also 4 Prionalurus Bengalensis on 6 generations!!
His ancestors come from the best cattery breeding their own lineages of Bengal as Abundadots (ex: Abundadots Mythical Jade - F1), Bundas (ex: Taro of Bundas-ALC) and Gogees (ex: Gogees Rain Dancer - F2).
We find also prestigious lined Katznjamr, Kingsmark, Millwood...

You can see some pictures of his familly:

Ch. Abundadots Jungle Printz (20,88% ALC)____________________Katznjamr's Chilukki of Abundadots
_______Jungle Printz__________Chilukki
Jungle Printz is always the reference
stud at Abundadots!!

TARO of Bundas (Asian Leopard Cat)
(Pedigree Bao: 5 Generation Pedigree)

Massaï-bengal, Bengal Cattery.

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